Mark Machuszek created Fireplace Candle in 1998 as a solution to a number of environmental issues ranging from deforestion and global warming. This unique candle allows you to enjoy your fireplace year round, even in the Summer - no unwanted heat, no wood to buy & store, no ashes or bugs. Additionally, in the event of a power outage or other an emergency, Fireplace Candle can be used for lighting and cooking.

We are not a traditional store or catalog company, but rather a dedicated team of people working to assist others to become more self-sufficient and independent. We have an amazing team of talent that researches, finds and develops new products and services that will make your life better and healthier.

Welcome to our journey toward a "Sustainable Future”... the next step in the "American Evolution".

This web site coupled with your vision, insight and creativity will make our lives much more rewarding, meaningful and worthwhile..



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